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Private Services

For information about other Private Services that we offer, please feel free to contact the practice.

Detailed below is a list of our current charges for services not covered by the NHS



Private Sick Note


Fitness Certificate


Private Prescription for Travel


Fitness to travel Certificate


Health Questionnaire for Private Gym and Clubs


Dedicated Medical Reports


General Practitioners Insurance Report


Vaccination Certificate


Travel Insurance Claim form


BUPA Claim form


Vitality Claim form


GP letter/Medical Report confirming Health Condition (s)


Full Medical Report


Medical Examinations with reports


Adoption form/examination (30 minute Fact to Face GP appointment required)


DVLA Short form


DVLA form with Examination. Face to face appointment. Eye test to be completed before appointment is booked


London Taxi Driver. Face to face appointment. Eye test to be completed before appointment is booked


Pre-employment application form


Pre-Student application form


Holiday Cancellation Report (Dependent on detail)


Sickness/Accident report (Dependent on detail)


Medical Insurance Claim Form


Confirmation of Registration with GP


OFSTED and CQC Reports




 The above list is by no means exhaustive. If you require a service which has not been included, please speak to one of our Reception Team Members who will be able to advise you.

We have added some frequently asked questions to this page which you might find helpful.

 What is covered by the NHS and what is not?

 The Governments contract with GP’s covers Medical Services to NHS patients. In recent years more and more organisations have been involving GP’s in a wide range of non-medical work. Sometimes the only reason that GP’s are asked to be involved is because they are in a position of trust in the community or because an Insurance Company, Employer or Solicitor wants to be sure that the information that you have provided them with is accurate.

 What sort of thing will I be charged for?

 As an example: there will be a charge for Medical Reports for Insurance Companies or Mortgage Applications. Some Travel Vaccinations can only be provided privately as they are not available on the NHS. Forms that require completion because you have had to cancel your holiday will incur a charge. Questionnaires that need completing for Private Gym’s and Private Slimming Clubs will incur a charge as will a letter that may be required if you want to leave a Gym for health reasons.

 Is it true that the BMA sets fees for non NHS work?

 The BMA has in the past provided guidance for GP’s in setting their fees. This is less common now and GP’s are able to set their own fees to ensure that their costs in delivering the services are covered. Time spent completing Private Reports and undertaking Private Medical Examinations is generally outside of NHS working hours as an extra commitment to a GP’s workload.

 I only need a doctor’s signature-what’s the problem?

 When a doctor signs a certificate of report they can only sign for what they know to be true and accurate. In order to complete even the simplest of forms the doctor will need to check the Patient Medical Record. Careless or inaccurate reporting can have serious consequences for the doctor as well as the patient.

 How long will I wait for a report?

 A doctor’s priority will always be the care provided for patients under the NHS. The work described here that is non NHS work is carried out outside of NHS working hours and the waiting time is therefore affected. We require 1 working week for the completion of a report; dependent on the availability of the GP’s dealing, and their NHS workload.

Appointments for Private Medicals can usually be arranged within a couple of weeks.  Please speak with a member of our Reception Team for further details of appointment types and times.


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